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Blockchain technology to develop ecosystems around Asia

ADC is a coin that applies Blockchain technology to develop ecosystems around Asia. The Asiadevcoin is a coin that helps to raise fund to develop real-life projects that directly benefit people in Asia:” Real estate Tradetokenland applies Blockchain and subdivision transactions. CRYPTOOFYOU is a cryptocurrency trading platform. When you participate in the ICO, you will get many benefits from the project such as Affiliate commission. When you mine coins, coin mining is very slow and harmful to your hardware. The development of the project, as well as the value of the coin, increases very fast, when you own the large number of the coin from the ICO, this will bring you profits much higher than coin mining. When you are a member, you will get more information than when you mine coin. ADC is a project about Asiadevcoin coin includes a collection of a project called ecosystem to promote the development of ADC coin.

BTC: 6414.34
ETH: 212.99
  • Токен - ADC
  • Цена - Price - 1 ADC = 3 USD
  • Стандарт -
  • Начало ICO: 15.08.2018
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What Is The Adc’s Mission

The most common problem faced by foreign investors is the legal barriers are very confusing and difficult to understand. This limits the multinational investment whereas Asia is a very fertile market. This also leads to the abundance of finance in EU and US and the restriction on investment in Asia in general and Southeast Asia in particular. Asiadevcoin looks for Ventures in the countries. Ventures are responsible for executing the proposed projects from the ADC’s ICO funds, from which develops those projects to make profits. Investors can redeem ADC for real benefits from projects developed by Venture. Ventures are independently developed with their own projects with technological support or ADC funding. ADC shares risk with many different eco-systems. Trading Platform is opened for members to trade and get profits from Bitcoin and Crypto.


Asiadevcoin was created to become a rotating currency in the investment to develop Asian countries. The company wants to share investment opportunities in Asian developing countries. The company purpose of launching ICO is to bring the ADC closer to the community and they can experience the technology that the ADC brings.

ADC Only developed for Asians

Asiadevcoin is a coin that develops and invests in Asia. This project is for investors all over the world not just in Asia to focus on developing Asia because of high profitability ratios.

What evidence proves ADC does not scam like other projects

  • Usually, the project about coin or ICO coin only sold token then increase the price up, then the investors sold for profit. However, with the ADC project, the company will build an ecosystem of projects to build the value of the Asiadevcoin rather than increase the price in the same way as other ICOs do.
  • For other ICOs, most sellers will stop working and pends investors money. With ADC, the company has available economic potential and company do not hesitate to ICO coin with just 50% of its real value.
  • Maybe this is a venture platform, but the company will prove to you that this is a potential investment platform and would bring huge profits to you.
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Данные ICO
  • Цена ICO -
  • Мин. инвест -
  • Принимается -
  • Soft Cap -
  • Hard Cap -
  • Начало ICO: 25.07.2018
  • Начало ICO: 15.08.2018
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